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Solution to last year's final exam

Here is a solution to last year's final exam, in PDF.

Let me know if you spot any problems/typos in the solution.

Peer evaluation
I have posted a copy of the peer evaluation requirements.
Last year's final exam

Here is a copy of last year's final exam, in PDF.

Collaborative space for group projects

I just posted the following message to the course newsgroup.

Since one team requested collaboration space, I had it set
up for all groups.

Each team now has space in /projects/Fall_2006/cse467, 
in one of the subdirectories:

wasat:/projects/Fall_2006/cse467<14> ls -glF
total 24
drwxrws---   2 alphonce cse-467a     4096 Nov 13 07:36 cse467a/
drwxrws---   2 alphonce cse-467b     4096 Nov 13 07:36 cse467b/
drwxrws---   2 alphonce cse-467c     4096 Nov 13 07:36 cse467c/
drwxrws---   2 alphonce cse-467d     4096 Nov 13 07:36 cse467d/
drwxrws---   2 alphonce cse-467e     4096 Nov 13 07:36 cse467e/
drwxrws---   2 alphonce cse-467f     4096 Nov 13 07:36 cse467f/

The group memberships are:

> cse-467a:pkdawson,khertel,kozelsky,mrzorn
> cse-467b:abofsky,jcwhite2
> cse-467c:blissard,eaescott,naignatz,mtaneja,nt25
> cse-467d:axtell,jrnarad,petrova3
> cse-467e:vkannan,mn57
> cse-467f:mdc34

Questions?  Just ask!


Check out the following portal sites for CL resources:


Away 10/21 - 10/27

A reminder that I will be away next week.

Alphonce Office Hour cancellation (Oct 12/Oct 13)

Professor Alphonce's office hours are cancelled on both Thursday, October 12th and Friday, October 13th.

HW submission instructions

Use the submit_cse467 to submit your homework solution.

Minor syllabus correction

It was pointed out to me that the course title on the printed version of the syllabus is incorrect. The electronic version posted on the website has the correct course title. Apologies if this caused any confusion!


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