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Announcements, last modified on 03/22/12

[2012-MAR-22] Exam 2 solution


[2012-MAR-20] Working outside CSE labs

You can use the Oracle Virtual Desktop Client (OVDC), which let's you log in remotely to the CSE systems, as if you were sitting in a CSE SunRay lab. First visit:


Log in using your UBIT username and password. Visit this page,

or search for "Oracle Virtual Desktop Client".

Download the client. Run VPN if off campus, then run the OVDC. Set it up to connect to server dragonforce.cse.buffalo.edu; go to Settings->Network and set the MTU to 1406, for check both boxes in the "Compression" section.

Exit the settings, and click "connect". You should now get a log-in window just like on the SunRays in the lab.

[2012-MAR-20] VPN

To access various university and departmental services from off campus you need to run VPN. See UB Virtual Private Network (UBVPN) for more information.

[2012-MAR-15] Last semester's sample questions for exam #2


[2012-MAR-15] Exam #2 reminder

The second exam is Wednesday, March 21. We will do an exam review on Monday, March 19 - come prepared with questions.

Since there is an exam, there is no new lab starting this coming week.

[2012-MAR-15] Lab 5 due date update

Lab 5 submissions will be opened up on Monday, and the due dates will be adjusted as follows:

Lab sections Due date
A1           9:00 PM on 3/26/12
A2/A5        9:00 PM on 3/27/12
A3/A6/A7     9:00 PM on 3/28/12
A4           9:00 PM on 3/29/12

[2012-FEB-26] Office hour cancellation reminder

A reminder that I will be away at a conference from Wednesday (02/29) through Suneday (03/02). I have arranged for lecture coverage, so do attend as usual. I will, however, not be holding office hours.

Also, although I will be able to check my e-mail from time to time, do NOT expect typical reponse times. In fact, do not expect a response from my until I return and get a chance to catch up on backlogged e-mails.

[2012-FEB-09] Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs)
REU-Hope College (Michigan)

[2010-FEB-08] Solutions to Exam 1 samples available
Here are solutions to the exam samples:
  solution to the sample exam (Fall 2009)
  solution to the sample exam (Fall 2010)
[2010-FEB-08] Exam 1 samples available
I have made two previous exams available as samples:
  sample exam (Fall 2009)
  sample exam (Fall 2010)
While the style of questions is similar to what you can expect on the first exam, the content and coverage of the actual exam may well be different.
[2012-JAN-31] Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs)

[2012-JAN-10] Anonymous course feedback form available
I value feedback from students, as it helps me make a course more effective. You are always welcome to give me feedback on the course, share suggestions for improvement, and also express any concerns you have about the course. You can do this by sending me e-mail or, if you prefer to remain anonymous, by sending me your thoughts via an anonymous survey.
[2012-JAN-10] Welcome to the CSE 115 home page!

Announcements to the class are generally posted to this page. You are expected to check this page regularly for updates.

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