The Department of Computer Science and Engineering sponsors a colloquium series each semester. The speakers include well-known researchers invited from other universities and research centers, as well as UB faculty.

Attendance at departmental colloquia is both a privilege and a responsibility of all members of the Department. You can learn a great deal about current research in a wide variety of areas of computer science by attending these talks, especially if the topic is one that is not taught here at UB. And you will have an opportunity to meet computer scientists from around the world.

All full-time 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-year graduate students are required to attend at least 50% of all regularly-scheduled colloquia each academic year (usually, Fridays at 3:00pm). Non-attendance is cause to be put on probation in the next year. You can be removed from this probation status by attending 50% of the colloquia during the next year. Students who have scheduled classes in other departments that meet at colloquium time should bring this to the attention of the Director of Graduate Studies. The graduate students on the Colloquium Committee will be responsible for the sign-in.