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  • Jason J. Corso

  • Computer Science And Engineering
    University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
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    Buffalo, NY 14260


  • Associate Professor


Research Areas

Computer Vision and Information Visualization
image of comvision

Computational theories for contour image analysis of things such as technical drawings, architectural plans, maps, and even cartoons to enable such images to be used in human and computer interaction. Design of computer chips to register a central region with high detail while displaying a larger zone at lower resolution. Algorithms that permit variable resolution image sequences to be understood. Techniques for visualizing common data-structures such as graphs and multidimensional data sets, and visualizing molecular structures. | More »

Medical Applications and Bioinformatics
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Novel algorithms and techniques for automatic (or semi-automatic) analysis of biomedical images, medical evaluation, computer assisted surgery and diagnosis, and treatment planning. Algorithms and architectures for genomics, proteomics, and microarray analysis. | More »

Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, and Data Mining
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Methods and algorithms for putting data objects into categories. Methods of programming in which the machine is programmed to learn from an incomplete set of examples. | More »



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