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  • Photo of Lukasz (Luke) Ziarek
  • Lukasz (Luke) Ziarek

  • University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
    338E Davis Hall
    Buffalo, NY 14260-2500
    Phone: (716) 645-1596
    Lab Phone: (716) 645-1596
    FAX: (716) 645-3464
    Email: lziarek@buffalo.edu
    Personal Page: http://www.cse.buffalo.edu/~lziarek


  • Assistant Professor


  • GAANN Fellowship (2004)
  • Halstead Award for Outstanding Research in Software Engineering (2009)
  • Intel Fellowship (2008)

Research Areas

Computer Science Education
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Curricular and pedagogic issues in the teaching of computer science, as well as related issues such as recruitment and retention of under-represented groups in the discipline. | More »

Programming Languages and Software Systems
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Languages that support high-level, declarative, and visual modeling of complex systems. Object-oriented modeling, constraint-based design, interactive program visualization, and domain-specific languages for applications in engineering and organizational modeling. | More »


Technical Reports

Kennedy, Oliver A; Ziarek, Lukasz. BarQL: Collaborating Through Change, August 20, 2013.
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