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CSE 606: Parallel Architecture

Parallel Architecture

The organization of parallel computer systems. Different parallel architectures, such as SIMD and MIMD parallel computers, shared-memory and distributed-memory computers, as well as dataflow architectures, will be discussed. Concepts will be illustrated by discussing some existing systems.

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This course does not fulfill core area (depth) or core course (breadth) requirements.

CSE 590 or equivalent, CSE 515.

Course Instances
Semester Section Title Instructor Credit Hours Enrolled
Spring 2010 LEC Parallel Architecture Dr. Russ Miller 3 0/ 0
Fall 2006 LEC Parallel Architecture Staff 3 0/ 0
Fall 2005 LEC Parallel Architecture Staff 3 0/ 0
Spring 2002 LEC Parallel Architecture Staff 3 10/20
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