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CSE 704: Advanced Topics in Multimedia Systems

This page refers to the Spring 2017 offering of CSE 704 only. The information on this page does not necessarily apply to every offering of CSE 704.

Spring 2017


TOPIC: Mobile Computer Vision INSTRUCTOR: Professor Chang Wen Chen DAY & TIME: Wednesdays, 4pm – 6:30pm LOCATION: Davis Hall Conference Room 338A

Smartphones are now truly ubiquitous. Smartphone cameras which were intended to replace dedicated point and shoot cameras, have been significantly enhanced to accommodate numerous sophisticated contemporary computer vision applications. Advances in mobile augmented reality and mobile computational photography have been made possible by the incorporation of various sensors and actuators on smartphones. Sensors on smartphone shall offer a prior knowledge on camera position, orientation and movement which can be seamlessly applied to assist computer vision based algorithms which would otherwise be solely dependent on pixel intensity/color. This seminar shall focus on multi-sensor fusion applications implemented on smartphones, problems successfully solved, and issues and scopes for future research. This seminar will offer a platform for the instructor to lead discussions on a variety of advanced topics in mobile computer vision and for the students to exchange ideas and new concepts through presentations. These topics will span a number of emerging and interdependent themes that cover all contemporary mobile computer vision with multi-sensor fusion focus. There is no text book for this seminar course. Main source of technical papers will be drawn from recent issues of IEEE Transactions and Journals and Conference Proceedings. The students are expected to read the technical papers, both assigned by the instructor or selected by the students with approval from the instructor, and make two presentations during the semester. The students who are taking 3 credit hours are also required to submit two reports based on their own presentations, presentations of their fellow students, and some additional reading assignments. GRADING: Based on attendance, presentations, participation of discussion, and reports.

None presently available.

SEAS Graduate Standing

Ph.D.: None.

M.S.: This course does not fulfill core area (depth) or core course (breadth) requirements.

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