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What is Computer Engineering?

Computer Engineering imageComputer Engineering is the design and prototyping of computing devices and systems. While sharing much history and many areas of interest with Computer Science, Computer Engineering concentrates its effort on the ways in which computing ideas are mapped into working physical systems. Emerging equally from the disciplines of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering rests on the intellectual foundations of these disciplines, the basic physical sciences and mathematics.

The main branches of Computer Engineering are
the following:

  • Networks is concerned with design and implementation of distributed computing environments, from local area networks to the World Wide Web. »
  • Multimedia computing is the blending of data from text, speech, music, still image, video and other sources into a coherent datastream, and its effective management, coding-decoding and display. »
  • VLSI systems involves the tools, properties and design of micro-miniaturized electronic devices (Very Large Scale Integrated circuits). »
  • Reliable computing and advanced architectures considers how fault-tolerance can be built into hardware and software, methods for parallel computing, optical computing, and testing. »
  • Other important topics in Computer Engineering include Display Engineering, Image and Speech Processing, Pattern Recognition, Robotics, Sensors and Computer Perception. »

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