Bina Ramamurthy

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
State University of New York at Buffalo 
State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo

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Dr. Bina Ramamurthy was one of the early adopters of the grid computing into the CSE curriculum and her effort Project GridFoRCE (Grid For Research, Collaboration and Education) was supported NSF-DUE-CCLI-0311473 (2003-2006) approx. 150K. A distributed systems course (CSE4/586) was introduced into the CSE curriculum and it has become a core course.
She was awarded an NSF grant to support a newly (2006) created Embedded and Realtime systems course (CSE321) by a grant NSF-DUE-CCLI-0727243 (2007-2008) approx. $75K. This Project Nexos (Next Generation Embedded Operating Systems) is in collaboration with Dr. Dennis Brylow of Marquette University. It is based on the famous XINU operating systems by Doug Comer of Purdue University.
She is the PI on a grant for
data-intensive computing curriculum development NSF-DUE-CCLI-0920335 (2009-2013) approx. 250K. A SUNY-wide certificate program in data-intensive computing has been designed and is pending approval from SUNY central. This Project TIDE (Timely Introduction of Emerging Data-intensive computing) was instrumental in adding a new course Data-intensive Computing (CSE4/587) to the CSE curriculum at Buffalo. This course deals with data-intensive computing, BigData and cloud computing.
Dr. Ramamurthy (PI) recently received an NSF grant for inter-disciplinary research Project POP!World (
CI-TEAM Demonstration Project: A Cloud-enabled Evolutionary Genetics Learning Tool for Engaging the Net-Savvy Generation) NSF-OCI-CITEAM 1041280 (2010-2013) approx. 250K. This is in collaboration with Dr. Jessica Poulin and Dr. Katharina Dittmar De la Cruz of Biological Sciences department.

She is the Program Director of the SUNY Certificate Program in Data-Intensive Computing.

Newer events & grants:

CCSCNE 2017: Encore Presentation of SIGCSE Data Science Paper. April 8, 2017. Albany, NY. Presentation.

SIGCSE 2016: Learning and Teaching Data Science March 3, 2016, Memphis, TN. (Resized for presentation) (pdf)

The ACM undergraduate research award to Thomal Effland, June 20, 2015 (NSF-CCLI-0920335), San Fransisco, CA.

IITG grant from SUNY: 2015-2016: VINE: An Innovative Model for Collaboration between Humanities and STEM for Learning Data Science. (new)

The Center for Education Innovation: Assessment of Student Learning: Process not Artifact, Co-PI with Dr. Alphonce. 2015-2016 (new)

The Big Data TechCon 2015: Boston April 26-28, 2015. Hadoop Ecosystem got "transformed big-time" by introduction of Spark. Ask me about it.


SUNY Chancellor's IITG Grant: Co-PI with K. Dittmar, J. Poulin of Biological Sciences.  Development and assessment of a multiplayer, cloud module for teaching population genetics with badge incentives. 2014-2015. 35K

University at Buffalo IMPACT grant from VP: Research and Economic Development (Co-PI) with Melanie Aceto of Dance and Theater 

Techne Grant (2013-2014) for Digital Choreography Lineage with Melanie Aceto of Modern Dance Dept. 

SUNY IITG Grant (Tier 3: 60k: repeat) "SUNY Games II", Co-PI.

SUNY IITG Grant (Tier 1: 10K: 2012-2013)  
"Mobile Devices for STEM". Co-PI (leverages the NSF CI-TEAM grant above)

SUNY IITG Grant (Tier 3: 60K: 2012-2013)
"Co-Laboratory on Immersive Virtual Environments for STEM Learning". Co-PI. (leverages the NSF Data-intensive grant above)

(438K: 2012-2015): "US-German Collaboration: Somatic Na Channels and Spike Precision"  Co-PI (PI : Matthew Friedman of Biological Sciences)

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Office address  345 Davis Hall, SUNY@Buffalo, Buffalo, NY14260 
Office hours  MWF: 11.00-11:50AM
Office phone  716-645-3182
Office fax  716-645-3464 

Spring 2017

10.00AM-10.50AM CSE 241: Digital Systems
NSC 201
11.00AM-11.50AM Office hours Davis 345
CSE 111: Great Ideas in CS1
NSC 225

5.00PM-6.50PM CSE 4/587: Data-intensive Computing Cooke 121
Faculty meeting /UGAC meeting
Davis 338
10.00AM- 10.50AM CSE 241: Digital Systems NSC 201
11.00AM-11.50AM Office hours Davis 345
12.00Noon-12.50PM CSE111: Great Ideas in CS1 NSC 225
5.00PM-6.50PM CSE 4/587: Data-intensive Computing
Cooke 121

CSE 241: Digital Systems
Norton 112

11.00AM-11.50AM Office hours Davis 345

12Noon-12.50PM CSE 111: Great Ideas in CS1
NSC 225

Best way to contact me is through e-mail. If you want to see me at any other time besides my office hours, please send me mail.

Spring 2017 Courses

CSE111: Great Ideas in CS 1
CSE 241: Digital Systems
CSE4/587: Data-Intensive Computing

Big-Data Stuff:
Learning Spark

    Getting Started with Hadoop MapReduce

Presentations: Fall2014

WISE: Women in Science and Engineering: Event on 8/21/2014: Computing Unplugged

Summer 2014
I was at Amrita University on an assignment for UB-Amrita MS-ES (MS in Embedded Systems) collaboration
This is a special gradaute program for engineers from Robert Bosch Engineering.
Bangalore Campus: CSE651 Emerging Applications and Platforms
Coimbatore Campus: CSE651: Emerging Applications and Platforms

Presentations Spring 2014:

SUNY CIT 2014: SUNY Games II : Games-based Learning for Engaging Students in Computing/Coding Demo1 Demo2

MTH463 Guest lecture on Mapreduce (May 1, 2014)

UB Math Dept: Problem Solving using MapReduce (Jan 20)

Westminster Charter School: A Peek into Millions of Years of Evolution (Jan 21)

Presentations Fall 2013:

CSTA Buffalo Chapter presentation and workshop

Invited Presentations Spring 2013:

 IITG Grant: SUNY Learning Network Panel March 1, 2013

 Buffalo Start-up weekend Coach March 2-3, 2013

 TUES PI Meeting: Washington DC Jan 23-25, 2013. 

Invited presentations (Fall 2012)

Oct 19: Symposium on Big Data Science and Engineering
Talk Title: Adopting Big-data Computing Across Undergraduate Curriculum

Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, MN

Invited Presentations (Spring 2012)

      May 11: Teaching and Learning Community (TLC) Presentation
      February 7: Invited talk on Cloud Computing Certificate Program at Niagara County Community College

      Jan 11: Buffalo State College (Presenting Pop!World)

      Jan 13: Erie Community College (North): Pop!World K-21 Module (Presentation) (Rescheduled due to weather)

Invited Presentations/Participation (Spring, Summer, Fall 2011)

Jan 26-28: AAAS: Transforming Undergraduate Education in STEM PI Conference, Washington D.C.
                Poster on NSF CCLI NEXOS Project

Jan 30- Feb 1: Computing Education for the 21st Century Community Meeting, New Orleans, LA
                Based on CI-TEAM Evolutionary Biology Tool POP!World Project
March 9 -12: SIGCSE 2011: Special Interest Group in Computer Science Education, Dallas, TX
                NSF Showcase presentation: Cloud-enabling STEM Education

May 24-26: CI-TEAM PI Conference: Invited Member of a Panel on Competencies, UIUC, Urbana-Champaign, IL.

June 2-3: Cloud Futures 2011, Invited presentation, "Introducing Cloud Computing into STEM Curriculum Using Microsoft Azure", Redmond, WA.

June 5-9: Semtech 2011, The Sementic Technology Conference, San Franscisco, CA.

June 28: Wipro, Chennai, India: Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technologies and Business Implications (Slides)

August 11: University Day at Bloomberg LP, NY, USA, invited participant.

December 5: CS Education week at Erie Community College
Invited talk on Data-Intensive Computing and Data-intensive Computing Certificate program


Recent Talks at ICAET 2010, Chennai, India  
         Women-in-Computing Conference on 6/23/1010: Data-intensive Computing
         Plenary on 6/24/2010: Cloud: The next generation computer

(Computer Science and Engineering Undergraduate Association): Faculty mentor for this student club.
Gaskill Middle School (Science Club): This is a NY public middle school in the Niagara County.  Dr. Bina Ramamurthy visits 
the school periodically and presents activities for students with the goal of encouraging them to pursue
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) studies and careers.  With the help of a small donation from
Northrop Grumman Corporation we are also able to procure some basic science kits to the school’s science labs. 
The donation is through UB Foundation and the coordinator is Ms. Melanie Bunch who also participates in the events.
Photos from event on October 12, 2010.
          Dr. Jessica Poulin, Dr. Bina Ramamurthy and a CSUGS student Mike visited Gaskill and spent some time with the students.
We also demoed PopWorld evolutionary Biology tool, that was well received.
BEAM (Buffalo-area Engineering Awareness for Minorities Inc): A summer enrichment program for high school students.
Bina has involved at one or two BEAM students in her research for the past 10 years and has taken an active role in the
final project presentations by the student on completion of the program.

CSTEP (Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program): faculty mentor for under-represented minority students for
more than 10 years.
Summer 2011 Student: Damian Ogbonna (A CEN major: Sophomore)

NSBE: (National Society of Black Engineers) Have been a panelist at local NSBE chapter talking and motivating 
minority  students to pursue Engineering careers. Recent events:
Technology panel: 5.00-6.00PM, October 22, 414 Bonner Hall, UB North campus.
Annual awards: April 22, 2011, at Harriman Hall, UB South Campus.


Cloud-enabling STEM Education:  POP!World

A Certificate Program in Data-intensive Computing


Project NEXOS

GridFoRCE: Grid FoR Research, Education and Collaboration: NSF supported project  

ViGOR: Visual Grid Tutorial: Univeristy at Buffalo Ed Tech supported project

EdTech (UB) Presentation 4/27/2006: ViGOR Visual Grid Tutorial

Master projects supervised