Bioinformatics Research Group

What is Bioinformatics? The definition of bioinformatics is not univerally agreed upon. Some people construe bioinformatics more narrowly, and include only those issues dealing with the management of genome project sequencing data. Others construe bioinformatics more broadly and include all areas of computational biology, including population modeling and numerical simulations. Here I adopt the definition in webopeia: Bioinformatics is the application of computer technology to the management of biological information. Specifically, it is the science of developing computer databases and algorithms to facilitate and expedite biological research. The CSE Bioinformatics research group is led by Dr. Aidong Zhang. The group is pursuing active research in the areas of protein-protein interaction network analysis, microarray data analysis and high dimensional data visualization.

Brief History

The reasearch group currently consisits of two faculty members and five Ph.D. students. It was formed in February 2000. Since then steady progress has been made.

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