Latest Annoucements



CSE-UGS, formerly known as CSE-UGSA is back and running.


Mentors and Help Center

We have mentors available for help, we also have a help center in operation however the hours are by appointment. Please contact us to make an appointment, include your free time so we can arrange something.


Software Install Sessions

Ok, so the fix for the software install sessions can be found at Please follow those instructions.


See You Next Semester

Have a great summer everyone! Check back here next semester for new meeting times.


Install Sessions

There will be install sessions on Thursday February 12 and Monday February 16 from 5pm-8pm in Baldy 21. Install sessions are for 115/116/250 students who need help setting up their laptops to work from home.

Misson Statment

We are a relatively new club on campus and we are still actively seeking new members, new ideas and new things to do. As of now, we exist to be an interface between students and the department, as well as to provide services to the Computer Science and Engineering student body. The kinds of services we provide vary from help and advice sessions for those unsure about their classes, to installing software for students who wish to work at home. We also host social gatherings designed to bring people in the community together within a fun environment. Regardless of the type of event, we strive to create a unified sense of community among students, faculty and staff in the department