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CSE 556: Topics in Visualization

Topics in Visualization

Introduction to relevant topics and concepts in visualization, including computer graphics, visual data representation, physical and human vision models, numerical representation of knowledge and concept, animation techniques, pattern analysis, and computational methods. Tools and techniques for practical visualization. Elements of related fields including computer graphics, human perception, computer vision, imaging science, multimedia, human‐computer interaction, computational science, and information theory. Covers examples from a variety of scientific, medical, interactive multimedia, and artistic applications. Hands‐on exercises and projects.

None presently available.




This course does not fulfill core area (depth) or core course (breadth) requirements.

Basic programming skills, knowledge of fundamental data structures and algorithms

Course Instances
Semester Section Title Instructor Credit Hours Enrolled
Fall 2012 LEC Visualization Staff 3 0/ 0
Fall 2011 LEC Visualization Dr. Yun (Raymond) Fu 3 24/26
Fall 2010 LEC Visualization Dr. Yun (Raymond) Fu 3 0/10
Fall 2010 LEC Visualization Dr. Yun (Raymond) Fu 3 10/30
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