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CSE 622: Advanced Computer Systems

This page refers to the Fall 2013 offering of CSE 622 only. The information on this page does not necessarily apply to every offering of CSE 622.

Fall 2013


Computer Systems

This is an advanced graduate course that looks at design and implementation of large software systems. The current incarnation of the course is focused on Android Open Source Project. Classes will consist of three main components---readings in modern computer systems from recent research literature, class lectures on Android framework and Linux kernel, and a significant project implemented by groups of three to four students. The course will also consist of four assignments in the first third of the course which will get the students acquainted with Android internals. The main focus of the course is a term project that involves significant implementation, likely modification and/or addition to the Android kernel or framework. The projects are intended to have a research flavor, and help both masters and PhD students to get involved in a research project. Projects will be assigned at the start of class, and bi-weekly meetings will project groups will be held to ensure regular progress. Students are expected to do a mid-term presentation mid-way through the course with the project goals, implementation outline, and a list of research contributions. The last day of class will have an open demo/poster session for the department to show off the projects along with presentations to present the conclusion.

CSE 521, CSE 586

Ph.D.: None.

M.S.: This course does not fulfill core area (depth) or core course (breadth) requirements.

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