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CSE 504: Computer Science for Non-Majors II

This page refers to the Spring 2017 offering of CSE 504 only. The information on this page does not necessarily apply to every offering of CSE 504.

Spring 2017



Computer Science for Non-Majors II

This course is a continuation of CSE 503, in which heavy emphasis is placed on abstract data types (ADTs) and object-oriented methodology, where the student will be expected not only to understand ADTs, but also to design and implement robust ADTs using a modern, object-oriented, programming language. Topics such as encapsulation, polymorphism, templates, and inheritance will be emphasized. Essential topics to be integrated in this framework include the use of recursion; pointers; dynamic memory management; linked structures including linked lists, binary trees, stacks, queues, and other advanced data structures; and algorithms, including advanced searching and sorting algorithms. The analysis of algorithm complexity ("big O" notation) will be introduced.

May not be counted toward the 30 hours for the M.S. or the 72 hours for the Ph.D.

None presently available.

An introductory computer science course, such as CSE 503 or CSE113, or CSE115, that includes programming in a high-level language such as C++ or Java.

Ph.D.: None.

M.S.: This course does not fulfill core area (depth) or core course (breadth) requirements.

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