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CSE 727: Selected Topics on Internet of Things

This page refers to the Spring 2017 offering of CSE 727 only. The information on this page does not necessarily apply to every offering of CSE 727.

Spring 2017


Dr. Lu Su

Selected Topics on Internet of Things

Recent years have witnessed the rise of Internet of Things (IoT), a newly emerged networking paradigm that connects humans and the physical-world through ubiquitous sensing, computing, and communicating devices. With more than 20 billion such connected devices that pervade every corner of the world, IoT is able to benefit a whole spectrum of civilian and military applications with enormous societal and economic impacts. Powered by the interconnected IoT devices, now any person can share his observations about any activities, events or objects anywhere and at any time. Such crowd-contributed sensory data constitute the largest-ever information source that covers almost every aspect of our lives, and thus can facilitate a broad spectrum of applications, such as smart city and transportation, localization and navigation, activity and gesture recognition, healthcare and assisted living, and environmental monitoring. In this seminar, we will survey existing algorithms, systems, and applications of Internet of Things, and discuss key opportunities as well as challenges emerging in the research of this area.

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