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CSE 730: Graph Orientations and its Applications

This page refers to the Spring 2017 offering of CSE 730 only. The information on this page does not necessarily apply to every offering of CSE 730.

Spring 2017


Graph algorithms and applications.

An "orientation" of an undirected graph G is an assignment of direction to the edges of G. We require orientation to satisfy certain conditions. These special orientations result in interesting combinatorial structures, which lead to elegant and efficient algorithms for solving certain problems in Graph theory, computational geometry, graph drawing. The seminar is research oriented and theoretical in nature, focused on problems I have been working on in the past few years. We will discuss a few open problems. Format: During the first half, I'll present material. Students will read papers. Students will present papers in the second half. There might be few homeworks. No projects. Grading: The course will be graded as S/U.

None presently available.

CSE531, or equivalent.

Ph.D.: None.

M.S.: This course does not fulfill core area (depth) or core course (breadth) requirements.

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