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CSE 610: Special Topics

This page refers to the Spring 2017 offering of CSE 610 only. The information on this page does not necessarily apply to every offering of CSE 610.

Spring 2017


Intelligent Sensing Systems

The course will be focused on sensing on two main platforms:

You will have ample access to hardware for the projects.

The primary objective of the course will be demonstratable research projects in sensing on one of these two platforms. Research groups will be 1-3 students depending on enrollment. We will identify the project in the first two weeks of class, and spend the rest of the semester hacking on the individual projects. Project will form a significant portion of the grade.

Course structure:

  • First third of the class will be lectures on modern algorithms for visual sensing and their applications. During this time, we will have three-four assignments to get you acclimatized with the algorithms
  • Rest of the class will be readings in recent research. All students will require writing short critiques of the readings weekly. Each student will be assigned a topic when he/she will lead the discussion in one of the classes.

Course Objective:

  • Serious implementation project in sensing systems. I expect the work to be something that can be submitted to a workshop - or with work through summer/fall, submitted to a research conference.
  • Introduction to visual sensing algorithms
  • Introduction to research methodology. This includes reading research papers, writing critiques, research presentation, and executing research through the project
  • Help masters students identify interesting research projects in AI/Systems

None presently required.

Ph.D.: None.

M.S.: This course does not fulfill core area (depth) or core course (breadth) requirements.

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