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CSE 115: Introduction to Computer Science for Majors I

This page refers to the Summer 2017 offering of CSE 115 only. The information on this page does not necessarily apply to every offering of CSE 115.

Summer 2017


James Scandale

Introduction to Computer Science for Majors I

Provides the fundamentals of the field to computer science and computer engineering majors, introducing students to algorithm design and implementation in a modern, high-level programming language. Emphasizes problem solving by abstraction. Topics include object-oriented design using a formal modeling language; fundamental object-oriented principles such as classes, objects, interfaces, inheritance and polymorphism; simple event-driven programming; data types; variables; expressions; basic imperative programming techniques, including assignment, input/output, subprograms, parameters, sequencing, selection and iteration; the use of aggregate data structures, such as arrays or more general collections; simple design patterns.

None presently available.

No previous programming experience required

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