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CSE 250: Data Structures

This page refers to the Summer 2017 offering of CSE 250 only. The information on this page does not necessarily apply to every offering of CSE 250.

Summer 2017


Data Structures

Provides a rigorous analysis of the design, implementation, and properties of advanced data structures. Topics include order notation and time-space analysis and tradeoffs in a list, tree and graph algorithms, and hashing. Surveys library implementations of basic data structures in a high-level language. Advanced data structure implementations are studied in detail. Illustrates the importance of choosing appropriate data structures when solving a problem by programming projects in a high-level language different from the language of CSE 115 and CSE 116; also covers instruction in this language. CSE 191 may also be used as a corequisite.

None presently available.

CSE 116, CSE 191

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