Jacob Ekstrum

Artificial Intelligence and Health Informatics Scientist

About Me

Driven, Devoted, and Passionate

In computer and data science, new challenges are encountered daily. Tough engineering and business decisions are constantly evolving, with each being more difficult than the last. With intelligence, great communication skills, and experience from both education and industry, I am the ideal individual to be making both technical and leadership decisions.

My experiences as part of a technical team on a machine learning project in the healthcare domain have helped develop my skills in the following areas:

  • Data Analytics
  • Preprocessing and Data Manipulation Libraries, such as Numpy and Pandas in Python
  • Leveraging Google's TensorFlow API
  • Following source control principles
  • Managing, working with, and communicating with an Agile team
  • Understanding customer requirements and communicating with business representatives

For a more comprehensive summary of my skills and experiences, please contact me or view my skills online on LinkedIn.


  • (716) 534-4510
  • jacobeks@buffalo.edu