I am a Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at The University at Buffalo. I work with Dr. Steve Ko, my doctoral advisor, in the Reliable Mobile Systems group. My research interests are systems and storage, while my current focus is on creating personalized storage on mobile systems. I have also worked with Dr. Vipin Choudhary and Dr. Karthik Dantu.

I have about 4 years of software development experience in the industry, having worked in Amazon, NetApp, and Cisco. I am always keen to work on interesting projects and internships. If you want to work with me or hire me or just say hi, drop me an email.


  • Aug, 2017: I will be presenting my research work (invited talk) in the S3 Workshop, MobiCom'17.
  • Jun, 2017: BlueMountain accepted to MobiCom'17.
  • Apr, 2017: I will be presenting my research work in Mobisys'17 Ph.D. forum.
  • Apr, 2017: BlueMountain is accepted to MobiSys'17 Demo.
  • Apr, 2017: Cider is accepted to ICCCN '17.
  • Mar, 2017: I am serving on the organizing committee of MobiSys 2017 as App Co-Chair.
  • Oct, 2015: We have filed a patent for Cider.
  • Jun, 2015: I am back in Amazon RedShift for another summer internship.
  • Apr, 2015: BlueMountain is accepted to HotStorage'15.
  • Jun, 2014: I am back in Amazon RedShift for a summer internship.
  • May, 2014: I completed Masters and will start Ph.D. under Dr. Steve Ko, from Fall 2014.
  • May, 2013: I will do my summer internship in Amazon RedShift.