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A Guide to Restaurants in and around the
Buffalo / Niagara / Chautauqua / Western NY / Southern Ontario regions
(or what the Regional Knowledge Network calls the "Binational Buffalo Niagara Region"
—and beyond)

Last Update: Monday, 2 March 2015, 12:30 P.M.

Note: NEW or UPDATED material is highlighted

(1st Edition, May 1988 — Now in our 27th year!)

(1st Web Edition, ca. 1993 — Now in its 22nd year!)

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Introduction & History
Outdoor Dining
Private Dining
On the Waterfront
Good Things about Buffalo and Western New York
UPDATED Key to Contributors UPDATED
Key to Ratings

Kudos: Some Statistics:

  • UPDATED Almost 900 UPDATED restaurants are listed.
    • This figure only includes one branch of multiple-branch restaurants.
    • So it underestimates the total considerably!

  • Over 990 reviewers have contributed since we began.

  • And there are UPDATED almost 3000 UPDATED reviews, though some are only of historical interest.

  • More reviewed restaurants in the area begin with the letter "B" than any other letter.

  • No reviewed restaurants begin with the letter "X" :-)

  • We have reviewed Black, Blue, Golden, Green, Pink, Red, White, & Rainbow restaurants
    • But not yet any that are Brown, Gray (or Grey), Indigo, Orange, Purple, Tan, Violet, or Yellow.

  • Trattoria Aroma has the most reviews (40, for all 3 branches);
    Shango New Orleans Bistro & Wine Bar has the most reviews for a single restaurant (32)

This page has been accessed uncounted times before 17 October 1998, and at least
times since then—that's UPDATED almost 1600 UPDATED hits per week.
(Although, during the past month, it was UPDATED 2000 UPDATED hits per week!)

We reached a half-million hits on 5 November 2007 at 10:17 A.M.
(That's about 9 years since the counter began.)

We reached a million hits on 7 March 2012 at 10:38 A.M.
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Thanks a million!

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