CSE 490/590

Spring 2011

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BASYS2 Board

Please purchase a 100K version from here.

Lab Machines

You can also use our lab machines. Here is a document written by Jangyoung on how to use it.

Project 1: Due Fri, 3/11/11

Design a small calculator which operates on two 4-bit unsigned numbers. The first operand (x) is entered by using the upper four switches (7 through 4), and the second operand (y) is entered by using the lower four switches (3 through 0). The operation is performed when one of the momentary buttons is pressed. Button 0 corresponds to addition, button 1 corresponds to subtraction (x-y), and button 2 corresponds to reverse subtraction (y-x). Button 3 is unused. The inputs (x and y) are latched when a momentary button is pressed. Until the momentary button is pressed, changes in the inputs x and y are ignored. If the result of the operation is negative the seven-segment display should display a negative sign preceding the result of the operation. The LEDs should illuminate which switches are on (logic 1) and which are off (logic 0). If a switch is on, the LED next to the switch should be on, and if it is off, the LED next to the switch should be off. The LEDs and the seven-segment display should update only when one of the momentary push buttons is pressed. Note that whenever button 3 is pressed, it should be ignored (nothing should be updated).

Project 2: Due Mon, 5/2/11

Here is the list of options compiled by Jangyoung. The deadline for coming up with your own project is the end of March (3/31). Here is the project submission criteria.